Diaz was born 1979. Raised by immigrant parents, her
first language is Spanish. She supported herself from an early age, and a visit to Los
Angeles has turned into a 17 year stay.

While waitressing, she made her own clothes from recycled second hand pieces, then
eventually for her own line, called “Clothesline.” Her collections were carried by stores
such as Barney’s, Madison, Milk, Bird, Tg170, and other high end boutiques.

Simultaneously, her long felt connection to film drew her towards it, as an actress,
production designer, producer, and co editor of the micro-budgeted “The GoodTimesKid”, directed by Azazel Jacobs.

From there on, her shift into Costume designer led her to quite a few films, with some of the
highlights being “Terri”; a high school comedy/drama by Azazel Jacobs and starring,
along with an ensemble cast, John C. Reilly, the Sundance award winning“Smashed”,
directed by James Ponsoldt and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aaron Paul, Octavia
Spencer and Nick Offerman, HBO /SKY’s “Doll & Em”, starring Emily Mortimer and
Dolly Wells, directed by Jacobs, the Sarasota award winning “Lamb”, directed by Ross
Partridge, and the 2015 Cannes award wining “Chronic”, directed by Michel Franco.

She also did the Costume/Production design for Oona Mekas’s “Sleepy Man”, based on
the short by Jonothan Lethem and starring John Hawkes.

Other highlights include:

In 2008 Diaz was one of 200 hundred drummers to perform with the band The Boredoms,
which took place at the LACMA museum

2010 Doug Aitken’s “We” was performed at the MOCA, along side Beck, Devendra
Barnhart, and 20 percussionist, Diaz being one of them.

2012 performed with Lucky Dragons, at MOCA

2014 with Hecuba, Crime fading horizon at Human Resources, Los Angeles CA

Committed to continue creating her own work, Diaz recently completed  Pluto A feature film she will direct.

SHORTS written/directed/produced by Diaz:

Cherries, two sisters one man.

Lydia’s Interiors, about one women’s effect on her surroundings, and vice-versa.

Louise in Motion, one women’s attempt to make a home for herself.

SAD CLOTHES, a collaboration with Nisi Jacobs, together they made a series of shorts
for a collection of clothes that Diaz designed, where they incorporated percussion played
on sewing machines along side the sounds of the sewing machine.

Izzy steps, shot on super 8, a women repeatedly climbs the stairs that lead to nowhere.

Lost and Found, shot on super 8, a women gets a flat tire. As she drags her bike through
the park she loses its tire, the tire eventually comes to life and finds its way back to her.

Two of us, shot on super 8, an experiment in shadows, where the subjects are a dog and
her girl.